ME 3-19-2019

March 19, 2019

 NZ showing how on the map how they are being prototype  and the common wealth is being peeled apart-American public is being screwed--check and balance was removed-Yanni's interview with me and his link-2 shows were released one an interview --sweden( should be switzerland) and YOUTUBE we did on silica- and people re examining this as a health and the interview and the multi subjects-- an extensive link on vaccines and do that validates the dangers of vaccines download every link  and share this information with everyone they know-congress owns pharma--and the reason why nothing gets cured gov'ts are prostitute they will sell you out while the officials get bribed you get screwed--30-40 years ago the pharma had to be on the up and up and if they did not they got litigated---the solution today I thought of  would pay out every victom 2 million--bill gates would be financially destituted under the that law--if the vaccines actually--the attack on mankind- work and if I was afflicted then the vaccined person would be protected  but they don't work-what are they actually putting into people---Oz calls indicating the 5 g is already on--there wiring would get so hot that the animals would also get burned--turn the house into a fort --and methods how--sealing your electrical wiring--OZ being hit and if you go out to a county or rural area make sure you test the environment you are panning to go to and do a walk about and check t make sure it is not worse where you are going--find a house with a basement to offer many layers of shielding--terrahertz and what it uses in you and what can increase the access in you





Me 3-14-2019

March 15, 2019

 removing vaccination information off a FB and they do not want anyone to know any info on anything in regard to vaccines

and there is a doctor lobby to take your right to information on this matter- as well they want you to remove any all info on cancer to a pharma drug from israel--supposed a solution and so you are going to be limited to information

no democracy you have what ever is allowed access--so that it can be utilized to be sabotaging everyone --war on mankind -giving misinformation from unreliable sources---choice are already limited and regulated and already made for you--so what you are getting is a limited access--Doctors lobbying against you and your choices taking away options for you to decide and they are making the decisions for you--Sorcerers--enchanting people with media and enthralling and casting a spell with the drugs and there pharmacopia--so manipulation with enchantments and sorcery turning your mind into there collective --new age movement is all about this--looking at the drugs poor spells and see what is in there and looking at the impact of what you are taking --seeing the excipients--c-60 be aware the deceptions and enchantments on this and what it actually does--going back to times where people believed in there authorities and were lead to slaughter --health food industry is a con and is taken over by pharma--cancer causing by nano poisoning and secondary effects--primary effect disengage dna mitochondria and genetic code making you more susceptible to being enchanted with death



ME 3 12-2019

March 12, 2019

many events happening all at once ..


Nanotube genetic engineering


Cheri at 3 church carbon c 60


Drug free


Bill Gate endorcing 6:1 vaccine cocktail

views on NANO coming out of the body

what the elite are eating

wolfman of Montreal and his discoveries on nano

how to brain wash a nation

Bryan 396

multi layer data

esoteric agenda



being overloaded with so many different approaches--deceptions are going to be more difficult to see what is going on --the marketing game is going to increase and the manuevering of people to be lied to --being challenged  is going to be inevitable by the lunatics and loons--distinguishing from past and present and the real and surreal--airplane supposed pilot--mocking the person with ancient airplanes that needed a manual crank to get started

investigate don't follow the trends--vegan follow trends  not reality and none investigate the anti nutrient aspect of the diet--I even heard from some one that Jesus is already here haha stupidity is in abundance--

korea working on a 6:1 vaccine combo--trump pro vaccine  showing who is running the top--ramp up the game--how to brain wash a nation and you can see how the destruction of north america happened and you can see how they did are now they are doing now as well in marketing to sell nonsense--the game--kids hooked on cell phone down loading programs from the phones--do not just blindly take a script from a doctor with out first asking for an ingredient  list and the safety--


ME 3-7-2019

March 8, 2019


links in chatroom--the past revelations that bryan 396 said about the nanopoisoning and all the references verifying what we said in relations to how things worked and how it integrates---the process of affliction-deactivation of immune response-saturation and the activation with freq

nanosilver and it's environmental exposure and damage--and how they sell this and then how it actually  increases in agglomeration ( build up) with different salts and can increases the concentration in the environment up to as much as 800ppb in a cellular level--foods supply having nano silver--canned box and bagged goods--as an example of a foods that would be mixed in foods with out the awareness and then this will mix with the salts and then this will exponentially increase the concentration ( agglomeration) of the nanosilver

which then causes the food store buy probiotics on the shelf are inert --buy from coolers and when you use--- they do not work could be due to the nano silver embedded in the colon causing a imbalance with the bacterium in the colon -thinking you have a yeast infection but what you may have is biofilm over load--mislabeling of the nano silver in the HFS--

your a testubes --and a experiment with the food supply---XNA--can bind with components and make what ever that needs to be made--and can assemble like your dna ---the sophistication of the sabotage and the well thought out plan to compromise you----5 g is already turned on- STS and enemas and re foresting-




ME 3-5-2019

March 5, 2019  

each title can be the title of what is above



global hidden player movement


Gif of demon


AI  ---Japan the new god


Bryans page


Vegan insanity


chemtrail NASA


Ultra Sound


Vaccine total


Synthetic Genetics


Green house




Health Treat



links to different themes on going globally and locally  initially my interview  and then from the AI -god bots for buddhist--cell phone conjuring up a demon over the phone--AI cyborg'd and chipped and the animals have health damaged

do not chip pets--pets are like children to the owners so they never are out of site and as a result when you are near the pets then the freq are activating you and the operating systems you have ongoing--sell you on a idea on the need for chipping your pets--and then the fillings or implants-or nanofillers--boom you are being targetted through what ever programming they are sending

the novelty of being implants an the idea of being complacent or seduced to this concept--social media was different 40-0 years ago

today cell phone is the means of social media and it is a emitter

Ultra sound and the weapon warfare on breaking dna strands in the womb and why the bonding did not take place with there mums and the sex was on bonding( binding)because it was not done there at that time--Ultra sound safety was BS

demonic deception and everything here is designed to take you out

history is not accurate




ME 2-28-2019

February 28, 2019

nano bio and biomolecular computational and access the host or person--the rate of the evolution of the advancements in integration of nano--not worrying about

snoting when you are breathing--sex with or without protection with protection can insert the nano through the protection and and without the protection then the insertion of exchanging dna  then the people themselves with the nano in the seed and egg--i you already have been involved  with people then you would have already had either a download or up load of nano --cosmetics and hygienics

--biomolecular computation means you can insert a program ---example a STD may be an actual program---and activated with a program- integration with a AI system meaning you are  a peripheral--music  and other things that pop in your head or thoughts that pop out of no where --can be a activation of molecular computation- best is yet to come--50-60 babies --exposed to the bio tech -- a incident where a parent spoke and said No to vaccines and the medical against his orders and they vaccined the child  anyway--the distraction they had done to the 50 -60 generation blast us with sex  drugs music and freq we were totally distracted---but that generation made more connections and contacts--we never seen it coming--unless the termination of this current  system and a restoration with out the things causing the corruption--heading into a brand new paradigm



ME 2-26-2019

February 26, 2019


Demonically possesed system a program to take you out---the most obsecure to

the elaborate --you have been created By God to endure and get through some things and he gave us tools to get us through but we have to know what is up and down in order to utilize the tools he gave --one of them is to have a connection one on one with the great one that goes along way to get you through the "wilderness 'NANO poisoning new and more  data level of understanding is all based on your entry point--solutions have become more intriguing not like they used to accessing the data

on nano solutions--bryan 396 and how to answer people--by redirect people to the sites--due to the repetitive answers sites have the data on both an bryan has illustration--people are still misunderstanding on nano and what they are and a programing to activate replicate and repair--assemblying -any direct attack will cause this to further assemble --you cannot kill a particle but you can terminate the program---program again is replicate assemble and repair any materials nano will further feed this and the zeolites do no do anything but feed this as building materials-- the Person who propagated c-60 has cancer --and this would exasperate it worse---but if you watch this with out the propagation and show rats living along time then this should have restore him--NASA rep here --and NASA is not trustworthy--NASA has been exploiting the world with experimentations--C-60 is also propagating accessing to the brain-- 210,000 toxicology reports ---poisoning everything---shut off and re writing the dna-- NASA is unbelievable-no credibility---luciferans they are of there father the devil---what does it make them??


ME 2-21-2019

February 22, 2019


talking about a truck convoy that went to ottawa to take back canada--knock on the door to parliament and was denied access---antifa got a red carpet treatment-truckers got not so good till the next day and they are about to do it again in July--truckers bring everything to your home--biblical reference says better to be the head and not the ass~being categorized as a colour not our ethnicity-getting things done --trump pushed a bill for 5-6 g  --having weaponary that can be utilized to what you see but with the enemy you cannot see this is useless --freq are the invisible enemy--perceptions of what the enemy looks like is not the reality---global problem in the use of freq--quantum dots and there uses and determine the damage levels ---to disengage this tech from your body---rights and freedoms that are being over ridden are using tech with things you cannot see---violation through vaccination-mutations --only israel is going to be exempt ---the question to ask is why??why are they having this advantage-who's pulling the strings-asking a question does not make one anti semitic-thinking on how we are being assaulted--trigger against america being next door to america can impact our health---disengaging tech from our lives --woman getting hit with tech using wifi--take away all pertiinent information out of your systems ---any system is vulnerable--- and much more





ME 2-19-2019

February 19, 2019


the actual where with al and the distractions with the medical dysfunctions they are entertaining with everyone with-Cliff hill c-60 has cancer--disregarded 210 000 toxicology studies and  disregarded all of them and this may be a staging so he can get people to drink the toxic stuff-mot amused with the mans compromised  but rather the musings about the disregard for facts-cult mentality of mind control game-propagation of theatrics ascorbic acid has a real factual science background and history of validity- the demonic dimension being Anti God equation and anyone with faith is being hit as well as others

how in the early days they used a seed and entered a pod with a programming and would then access the proteins to write the dna according to the program and would transfer throughout the plant

Vitamin C the differences and the hoax on the food grade and the real aspect of what is in food based C --and is not c but a bioflavonoid--mythos--made all out of china comes over pure becomes compromised when encapsulated and the processing done locally 

another bit of information on the re writing the bible due to the concepts may have some antisemitism--and believers following the zionist doctrines--zionist destroyed europe taking people away from christiandom and into a zionist ideology ---and now the security of america being done by a third party that would sell that data to the highest bidder 

same with canada and usa need to border protect---the canadian stupidity on the bringing in a flood gate and drain the social programs---bible maybe being  altered due to the semitic history being dark --the the people executed him by breaking the laws of moses --betraying there messiah and and killing there prophets--

sustaining the truth maintaining the truth and keeping the truth-





ME 2-14-2019

February 15, 2019

caller right off the bat on organic sulphur and the fallacy behind Organic Sulphur with the entitlement-extraction of a plant it is synthesized--some of the correctness of claims and some of the embellishment--the need to read the labels due to the formulations and the changes - doctors endorsements and residuals and do not have a clue of health or formulations-- a women called from out west frantic about how family did not recognize--everyone is going to be exposed to nano irrespective of opinions-being polarized and so focused and cannot see anything else--those who are polarized  cannot grasp and are in denial--

assaults on so many fronts --mutagenetic-genetic- freq -transgenetics - nano  chems --

nothing we see through to day is been based on manipulation and deception this is a polarization and when we awake we are in constant downloading and removing of bad programming from the polarization--media protection was not thereto warn us based on-asking  question on security-  a surrendering security to a third party--AI world of technology--surrendering security to a third part