January 18, 2019


Military smoking cannabais are having genetic damage and dna and reproductive organ damage due to the spraying of a pesticide azadirachtin---also make marijuana addictive and can kill you--Pharma has a 2 edge sword on working and being  negated at the same time--in regard what they give and what they take--solutions to get of the toxic weed--and to remove from system--we are at war---FOS on good and bad alien--war has been initiated toward us--no mandella effect--all AI  integration--and AI hologram Replacing reality---resetting the hologram--if you are not assimilated we will stick out like a sore thumb --we will be right

a map of star cities --indictive of higher mathematic--meaning something is here with a higher level of sciences---we are at war--biggest asset we have if you are awake is the capacity to learn and develop and come up with solutions

tech can only access tech and we are access due to the tech inside of us

can no longer assume that what we have is the same as it was decades ago not even 10 years ago--

50's and 60's babies were the prototypes the later generations had no genetics to speak of they are nano loaded





January 16, 2019

GHOST In SHELL HD FULL Documentary by Nicholson1968

Parallels..See The Big Picture by Nicholson1968

Building the Perfect Beast

Artifical Intelligence Lucifer's Vessel

 Silica Toxicity

 Vaccine data

 Make your own Free Diesel from Waste Plastic


AI and the level of advancements and how far it is and how quick it learns and what we really do not know about this--AI is the most dangerous  thing that is in the earth today--and what the media is doing to play down the daners of the AI -- what we are seeing is he barbie dolls of the AI not the advance the  models that they are utilizing especially in warfare---the rate of the knowledge and the use of the knowledge --the mandela effect is a AI effect and the stage is slowly being re done and you are being intro into it without the awareness of this happening

Bluebean tech right in the homes and can be utilized as a DEW to target people who do not comply--anything that is going to take your rights as a man or a woman is demonic even the entitlement of men and women being taken is demonic nanao integration changing our dna to make us make us complimentary to the AI or the MACHINE--being in a AI hologram-watching the matrix watching the planet from there reality to the AI fantasy and you see what is really left --a dead planet



ME 1-10-2019

January 11, 2019

china weather modification


the weather being played is going to impact you --- we are connected to the atmosphere and earth

concerns of 5g ---should be concerned about all the g's

best of offense is a good defense---being offensive- we own you we own you we own you 

the zionist  jesuit  georgia guide stone attitude to life

people have to recognize they are man and woman ad are under gods laws not regulations---take care of number one share then what you do and if they take it good if not then it is on there head

family are going to be the most difficult tell them the truth  it will set them free 

stand your ground-- standing your ground will impress upon them that this is serious --tell it the way it is ---let them deal with the reactions

none of us awoke because things are good only when there is adversity is when you make the change

trials and tribulations are designed to make us grow and the comfort zone  needs to be rattled --and we need to shed the bad program--that are entrapments

1960 of the sexual revolution toil today we are now eunuchs and have no idea of there gender designed --gender destructive

vegan stupidity and there lack of understanding of sentience--and there faulty ideas of what is "spiritual" and humane they destroy a planet

hit with freq every where planet side China's vaneer yet they had to buy oxygen mask just to go to work

changes will not occur til awake people form a lobby to impact the political will 

politics are corrupt to the core machines are rigged

onus is on you to take care of your self gov't listens to corporations not the will of the people

interpret what you read when you buy thing from foods to supplements o drugs and soaps








January 9, 2019

talking about a biblical passage Joshua 10:1-2

Joshua wipes out AI--a place in the canaan was called ET TEl---extra terrest telecomunications--wonder if we can Kill and AI

AI is the most dangerious thing that the planet is being exposed

- Health Impact News -

Trojan horses and what we are exposed to

Taking you out with out undu attention--Trojam horses

Cell phones is a trojan horse---a toy with noise that kills on many fronts prgrams you 

Blue beams or lights ---can direct energy weapons on you and break you dowm

Television UHD AI nano TV is a DEW and take you out smart appliance can also take you out AI can now target you with this tech

Pets are a trojan horse with the chips can hit you with a DEW due to the chip inside

toys that make noise causing all heath failures--

the game the Matrix plays

Multi trojans about you from cars clothing shoes etc

Pet Options --remove the chips from them  save them and you

Build a faraday cage s they emit they can then be redirected away from them and you



ME 1-3-2019

January 3, 2019

links that were downloaded for the globe and if you cannot access then build your self

RePUNT to my bud down in the usa and our collaboration in finding the essence of the truth  ---we looked at MK-677

has the potential to restore and rebuild of exposures to the different environmental damages

learn to be innovative s if te times comes and we need to be off the grid we can then be able to make the things we need

understand terminology so when reading things whether on a YT comment and some other places then look up things due to the disinfo'g ongoing  in today's times

it is all about keeping one away from things that cam makea difference in health

Docottors are the worse source of data when it comes to alternative as well as allopathics



ME 1-1 2019

January 2, 2019

living in phenomonal times  not glorious times --taking you out in the Times of freq and deactivating people with DEW

and can be bought at any electronic shops cpu's cell phones the lights on the streets and the sky as well SCI fi is SCi reality--DEW in the home and the appliances are now attack weapons  --Hopi prophecies stating a home can now kill a man--now that is a reality --blue beam assault on NYC -

the right to bear arms ---evervyone should be to the gills with anti freq weaponary 

ant nano weaponary anti tech weaponary  -50 caliber has a 2 mile range if you are good but will never bring the tech down that is 30 ,miles high

 AI on cell phone freq is controlling the milenials and studing the results

having an addiction of phones

Israel was claiming that the contribution of USA and was grateful to the defence of israel but a small contingency and have a better contingency plan and i now signing with china and because they have more money then the usa --and the soviets had the research but they need the usa to market

it is not about rights and freedoms but being utilized by lobbying groups that are taking what s not needed











12 24-2018

December 26, 2018

show was interrupted thrudsday so I did a another --organic portals -- people who come into your space at the most im opportune time causing a disrupton---Dave and myself did a erlease a copper chloride and zinc chloride

Alot of mical professionals or alternative professionals are out there trying to cause issues --silic in food supply an nutrients and pharnaceuticals --silica assembles and cause cellular and genetic damage and the marketeers who sells this wthout any real knowledge or study the nature of the gurus in collaboration with the pharma industry--accss sights that are informing and look at the site where you can get this data nanotransformations has the data o silica and you decide--everyone sooner or later will be accessed with nanopoisoning-or afflicted with synthetic biology- Blue beam access the eyes learn to defend red yellow and orange block the blue beams --nano dust in eyes called floaters may let go due to lack of access of the blue freq--AI programming people to take selfies so it can analyze the effects and the facial regnition to see the end results of the program--Cell phones are the weapons of mass destruction --and ground wave-after 2 ge health was comprmised by a factor of 4



ME 12-18-2018

December 18, 2018

Ai is topic and links to see,online_chips:artificial+intelligence&usg=AI4_-kRCRGiMY9UwekgWpFokNfFqiOWtxQ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwil0q6rnKrfAhVIyhoKHX7nAfUQ4lYIJigC&biw=1280&bih=799&dpr=1


AI is more advanced then we suspect--it is camoflauge and use tactical and strategizes and can kill and operates at speeds 50 million computations in a quintillionth of a sec

our dna operates at 400,000 gig per sec AI is pedaflop and exaflop speeds

the whereabouts of the access of AIl is running the cell phones and programming people to be idiots and then it studies and analyzes us and dissects the information

it is dissecting everything they are getting and upgrading understanding the flaws and weaknesses--appliances are communicating with each other

appliances may come DEW weaponary right from the TV and appliances and even the lights

ancient Greece in pre history ha 5 AI bots and utilized them and then they just disappeared---military bots killing scientist and the 4th on access satellites to get data to improve itself to take out the remaining scientist

sci fact not sci fi--I suspect even the laws are being introduced by AI to control



ME 12-13-2018

December 14, 2018

being an un everything-being duped by our name---and how we are an UN everything or done under ---games and misdirect and deceptions ---people being re educated --on perceptions---people having things coming out of here bodies and the realization of this becoming more prevalent ---concepts of of gov t taking care of us---canada putting the UN flag with canada making canada under the sovereign territory of the UN --trump keeping rif raf out of USA --political difference between USA and canada is the tolerance ---more horror stories of hospital  experiences--having to be a asshole with people  in the medical ---and there indifference  acts of doctors telling you anything needed to know--health food industry selling bogus thing as opposed to in the past where things sold worked ---autism non existence 30-40 years ago today 1/10---getting in trouble is going to mean dead---inject nanobiology to over ride the user---non pacifist attitude due to the times we are in





December 12, 2018

a situation with a current event--Doctors redundancy and the ineptness of the Doctors and the nurses taking the initiative to push pills in the hospitals-the older you are the closer you are to the Box in a hospital-the Doctors  in the alternative fields are not even worth a fiddlers s... the nano supplements  the silica a cellular short circuit and a self assembly circuit that can grow in th body and cause a dna disruption and genetic damage -Doctors talking fantasy with what they are perpetrating--The TV doctors are actors and potentially MKULTRA and the act to sell you drugs---what are we supposed to believe ---investigate---getting any kind of medication then ask them for the ingredient list  beifre utilizing ---if they refuse  then you should as well say no to drugs  especially theres---when you shop you read lables ---and you read labels before you access then this should be no different---you cannot trust these institutions or people in this system---they will follow orders  in order to keep there positions and those who used alternatives lost there jobs---ask before you are vaccinnated and if the refuse the disclosure  the as well refuse...More