The independz’s Podcast

 Tonys Show 01242020

January 25, 2020

 Tonys Show 01242020


Videos that are alternative to the alternatives  alternative to the alternatives

 DIY for protection and  health

 Bryan 396 data and research on nanobiotech

 Bryan 396 vids on assembly

 Aroy mak displaying YTs

 Australia carbon releasing

 engineers find ways to remove diseases by magnets---wonder where they got that idea from

 Snakes not the cause of carnovirus

 living near major roads linked to all forms of brain damage

 Jinns demon technology quantum chips computer chips and brain implants

 lead up take from plants from solar cells

 AI and DNA integration


DNA edit Malware

 Interaction of nanoparticles with edible plants


 connect the dots see whats going on and see how technocracy is racing to assimilate the planet


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