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ME 4-18-2019

ME 4-18-2019

April 18, 2019 access herbsplusbeadworks

 convesration today and the reflection of the tower of babel

and an email with the schuman resonance ---was altered and the ionosphere is leaking radiation and chemtrails covering this up--freq access can hot you anytime or place---unless you are aware the tech is there ---street lights emitting a 5 g ---monitoring thoughts or embedding thoughts---an experience when some one is talking about someones personal life and never have met---the first thoughts clone and then responding to data mining the brain--as a result would know the info and data from your brain--walking don the street blue beam and no occular protection what so ever and being beamed and reading ons thoughts and invasion of privacy---accessing the brain to know what is going on also implies i can down load into the brain---understanding your thoughts and differentiate what is yous and what is being downloaded---when doing any investigation and some places the AI does not want you to know how advanced and exist is an how far it it extends--AI is behind alot of the events going on globally--empowers you to defend your self---prophecies are a program?---the theme is always the same and the details are varied but all in all it all is saying the same thing --details are extremely clear and the horrifying events  bout to happen  comparing the details shows it is some kind of a operating system ---calling something before it happens os a program being enacted---interpretation is subjected to who believes in what



ME 4-16-2019

ME 4-16-2019

April 16, 2019;_ylt=AwrJ6yrOHLJc7S0AwQBXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTE0b21rMHZmBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjY4MjFfMQRzZWMDcGl2cw--?p=1600+consumable+goods+with+nano+technology&fr2=piv-web&fr=opera2



start out with the Tower of babel ---is is scalar energy --constuct to open a portal using the atmosphere and the earth's core---the tower was a super conductor--and would have acted as a collector- cern is a  switch-- chemtrails act as a super amplifier of the fields--access the magnetic field and static charges and a focal point to have a release--

divide and conquer--from various access to everything---wars and rumors of wars ---distractions going on under our noses---with this type of constructs---what was in iraq that they are looking for what tech or material--nothing on planet is working as we were told everything is a deception-- thinking outside the norm--and so focused on the norm we over look what is actually staring us in the face and we do not recognize this--distractions in entertainment--


ME 4-11-2019

ME 4-11-2019

April 11, 2019


Bryan 396 research and data


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got a call and made me do some thinking...talking about fear afraid anxiety --and get caught up on all of these things--we forget--w are all going to die one day -- what has this got to do with health  everything or nothing--we all face different forms of insanity in life-what ever you have or don't have it in this life it all comes to an end---being immortal-christ gives us this in his kingdom---going to reference a well as if everyone believes in christ--all of us have bee inflicted afflicted or infected with nano bio tech or synthetic bio-all of us have been exposed  to some genetically engineered foods--- all of us has been as well exposed to RF of some kind-these 3 dynamic things in this existence are not really alive but are slaves or experiments---some are more activated-with the exposure to these 3 things the bio tech assault the dna disruptors- some are feeling the wrath of the experiment--some not so don't worry it will hit you---they did not leave you out---the culprits behind these experiments did not leave any stone unturned--some of you have felt the voice o skull some bodily breakdown some health break down--skin assualts pain  body on fire---mental overwhelming-emotionally over loaded mental dysfunctions---the nature of the experiment--the experiment of mankind-- in this crap hole--in the moment w leave this crap hole and give an account while we are down here ---save us is Jesus---the mercy of the king of kings saved a thief who was dying with him--space of time to be seperated from the chaff--

getting the right perspective---embracing death is when you come alive---




ME 4-9-2019

ME 4-9-2019

April 9, 2019

Sites on Nano assault on the body Chemtrails


 making a point of mailing to me get tracking numbers--for validation and access--have a realistic expectation on mails--email stunning about getting through this life and avoidance of the schemes and games of life --you are going to have to be in some sort of compromise to get through this system but there will be a time when there will be a seperation---system getting more demonic by the day--there is a jump ahead with the current system and will take this out will be difficult---the leadership will determine the fate of the country--believing in a living God or a demonic one--we have had leaders who believe in the demonics and seee where it has got us---the health of people back in the 50's and what is today are different due to the pyramid of the day was dairy and meat at the top and the grains at the bottom and with the inversion can see the results of then and now--the main dishes are  breads and cereals and as a result everyone is compromise and the Anti milk and eggs are ridiculous when these 2 foods are the highest and most effective support then the other junk being perpetrated--- BV on proteins--the determination on the uptake of proteins  egg is 93 /100 milk 92/100 and egg+ gelatin then you are 99/100-when people make the ludicrious comments on anti milk unless fermented or cheeses yogurt or kefir or other fermented dairy should be use the non fermented should not be used---and the fermented dairy should not have filles--the  lower BV rated proteins --and the actually uptake --



ME 4-4 2019

ME 4-4 2019

April 4, 2019

anti rapture

DNA Nanotechnology: A Foundation for Programmable Nanoscale Materials

silica in your packaging

Antenna Design and RF Layout Guidelines

info on how to order and things that can make things swiftly and smoothly

customs maybe the hold up--over site so contact within the nine to 10 day if not received--goofy guru doctors--doctors and here comments and the need to be investigated do not believe---2 emails and one referring to a doctor and the other to the facts so investigate--he concepts of natural and synthesized and how the word crafting can mislead people to deceive and weave---the wizards of today are the Doctors  and the enchantments and spells and this is done in all religions and politics and medical-pharma ---the concepts or seduction enchantments and spells this is how he controls and maintaining here power over you---the methods of taking you over you are taken out---seduce you to be cozy and rosy and lazy daisy--

NY passing laws that if child is not vaccinated cannot go to school best thing could happen for the kids and eliminate the cell phone another seducer and reducer and enchantment and spell--- this is taking over the minds of everyone--tethers by gov't -religion and now tech---cell phones are trojan horses--it was given so that it could sabotage and take over--nanotechnolog-nanobiology synthetic biology and how it works by using xna ---smart tech --all trojan horses and AI gets inside your head--music of yesterday was nothing more then freq and programming--the message was being conveyed through the music or freq---how rock stars had a hold over people-seeing the performers and the checkerboard pants-indicating illuminatti involvement--bing out of the system and being shifted




ME 4-2-2019

ME 4-2-2019

April 3, 2019

 Deanna's show


research and people contributing-and people not realizing things and the reason of the non comformity---what kills you is not what you see --venezula---manipulation ---the front about boosting the economics of other countries---ww3- and the distraction---being ticked off at what was happening to a child as a result of the mums altering the identity of a boy int a girl--transgender disorientating young people with the perversion and distortion--Scientist today are nothing more then wizards--definition of what a scientist really is---not what we are seeing today-defiling creation or obstruction or working against it's design then we are dealing with the corruption of science--these people are looking to be a "god" we are not dealing with the real aspect of what we need to understand  to be able to restore the balance--Getting wizards out there telling you there alchemic effect of there enchantments--then they put a spell on you or program you to concede to there whims --seduction is the way they start seduction enchantments and then be under there spell--taking away your moral ethical compass and your spirit--defining man and a male and defining a woman and a female as by the genetic decision---being of the species of mankind---ask the question why is they are pushing the agenda so fervently--and why the assault of the males-men-- biblical prophecy as to the diminishing the males--means males are in short--




ME 3-28-2019

ME 3-28-2019

March 29, 2019



links on new developments on 396 doing upgrades and showing more on nano pics from spain and the wix sites--so to give clarity on morg and nanopoisoning

the american dream is a nightmare no more rights for parents --swat team invades a parents home because a disagreement with a doctor and they send a swat team???? incompetence on the nth degree in regard to the medical ---the agenda is to see where and how far they can go by violation--Medical implementing sorcery through pharmacopia and about possession people and there offspring --marches should be on there way to the authorities-- taking the access to your own family feds and states think they own the people but it is the other way around---anyway you support the system  you own the govt not the other way around --when you purchase anything you are now the owner -the usa is in violation of violating peoples rights in the regard to vaccinations--they don work they do nothing--pharma making money of the govt--is it about possession of your dna total violation---child  is normal and they send a swat team---american gov't is afraid of the people if they have to send a swat team to deal with a parent ---they must be terrified of the people--sending a swat team ---are you that afraid of the people---people should be armed to the hilt--unreasonable force---see how far the freq have affected the people --free vaccines adding silica to make people more conducive to whatever is being down--apathy in the highest end


ME 3-27-2019

ME 3-27-2019

March 27, 2019

access to canadian company on shielding


A and E on tio2

hydrogen on collection by C-60



Pics of nano

 stupidity in Govt

Putin defends Christian


mental stimulation and keeping everyone alive another day

some one passed a person in the chatroom



 gall bladder acting up and solutions-using specific supplements as well

the different perspective of conciousness and the foolishness of this when dealing with something like nano poisoning is ongoing due to the fact people with this have no facts--being positive investigating and making changes  are what is needed--conciousness is not going to do it--reality checks are going to come hard to different concepts in what eve faith or belief or what ever  Belief in a Living God---everyone is being targetted just a matter of time--god gene vaccine  and initially who it was going to be targetted but the biggest are the christians--but all faiths or belief systems are being assaulted--the fallacy of being with God is all A MYTH if one thinks nothing is going happen negatively

Job got popped Paul got popped and they hung Jesus----the illusions of faith and the fallacies and theories and presumptions are going to be shredded---what we have all been seduced to is going to be shaken loose--the wake up call--all are being exploited--3 strand dna --adding silica in vaccines allows to be taken over and be subjected to whoever is in charge and the program and the propagation of of silica and the brain break down---one thing they give away free --flu shot what is in them---assaulting the senior citizen with useless vaccines and the lack of effective --programming them out of there wealth--- can vegans be restored mentally---All things are possible to who believes but it will take time-- MORE!!





ME 21-2019

ME 21-2019

March 21, 2019

 interuptions in a activist life Australia already up and running on 5 g and it penetrating through the wiring-ozzies and kiwis no one pays attention due to isoalation just like the reserves in NA shit happens and no one is aware---getting to NA and having the heads up to get prepared--being aware that alot of the rurural areas are not all they are cracked up to be the tech being utilized with voice to skull and other places with different tech testing the common wealth countries are the common wealth test subjects --and need to get up on this as well understandng shielding and impact of these freq--pay attention t o foods you are consuming especially the health food stores becareful of what you buy and look at how your environment effects you and especially with the foods or any intake can impact you as well when consuming things that can impact your access with the nano of the foods and in the foods consuming of saturate fats--use things to assist in the uptake of the fats that do not cause you issues

vitamins to assist in assimilating the fats-- b5-lipase-l carnitine sunflower lecithin- bile salts ---do not fall for any hype

of things sold when you are exposed to multiple freq that can be activatation with the nano--dealing with a progarmmable  nano materials and metals accessing specific ares in the brain and the rest is accessed and network with freq


ME 3-19-2019

ME 3-19-2019

March 19, 2019

 NZ showing how on the map how they are being prototype  and the common wealth is being peeled apart-American public is being screwed--check and balance was removed-Yanni's interview with me and his link-2 shows were released one an interview --sweden( should be switzerland) and YOUTUBE we did on silica- and people re examining this as a health and the interview and the multi subjects-- an extensive link on vaccines and do that validates the dangers of vaccines download every link  and share this information with everyone they know-congress owns pharma--and the reason why nothing gets cured gov'ts are prostitute they will sell you out while the officials get bribed you get screwed--30-40 years ago the pharma had to be on the up and up and if they did not they got litigated---the solution today I thought of  would pay out every victom 2 million--bill gates would be financially destituted under the that law--if the vaccines actually--the attack on mankind- work and if I was afflicted then the vaccined person would be protected  but they don't work-what are they actually putting into people---Oz calls indicating the 5 g is already on--there wiring would get so hot that the animals would also get burned--turn the house into a fort --and methods how--sealing your electrical wiring--OZ being hit and if you go out to a county or rural area make sure you test the environment you are panning to go to and do a walk about and check t make sure it is not worse where you are going--find a house with a basement to offer many layers of shielding--terrahertz and what it uses in you and what can increase the access in you