ME 2-21-2019

February 22, 2019


talking about a truck convoy that went to ottawa to take back canada--knock on the door to parliament and was denied access---antifa got a red carpet treatment-truckers got not so good till the next day and they are about to do it again in July--truckers bring everything to your home--biblical reference says better to be the head and not the ass~being categorized as a colour not our ethnicity-getting things done --trump pushed a bill for 5-6 g  --having weaponary that can be utilized to what you see but with the enemy you cannot see this is useless --freq are the invisible enemy--perceptions of what the enemy looks like is not the reality---global problem in the use of freq--quantum dots and there uses and determine the damage levels ---to disengage this tech from your body---rights and freedoms that are being over ridden are using tech with things you cannot see---violation through vaccination-mutations --only israel is going to be exempt ---the question to ask is why??why are they having this advantage-who's pulling the strings-asking a question does not make one anti semitic-thinking on how we are being assaulted--trigger against america being next door to america can impact our health---disengaging tech from our lives --woman getting hit with tech using wifi--take away all pertiinent information out of your systems ---any system is vulnerable--- and much more






ME 2-19-2019

February 19, 2019


the actual where with al and the distractions with the medical dysfunctions they are entertaining with everyone with-Cliff hill c-60 has cancer--disregarded 210 000 toxicology studies and  disregarded all of them and this may be a staging so he can get people to drink the toxic stuff-mot amused with the mans compromised  but rather the musings about the disregard for facts-cult mentality of mind control game-propagation of theatrics ascorbic acid has a real factual science background and history of validity- the demonic dimension being Anti God equation and anyone with faith is being hit as well as others

how in the early days they used a seed and entered a pod with a programming and would then access the proteins to write the dna according to the program and would transfer throughout the plant

Vitamin C the differences and the hoax on the food grade and the real aspect of what is in food based C --and is not c but a bioflavonoid--mythos--made all out of china comes over pure becomes compromised when encapsulated and the processing done locally 

another bit of information on the re writing the bible due to the concepts may have some antisemitism--and believers following the zionist doctrines--zionist destroyed europe taking people away from christiandom and into a zionist ideology ---and now the security of america being done by a third party that would sell that data to the highest bidder 

same with canada and usa need to border protect---the canadian stupidity on the bringing in a flood gate and drain the social programs---bible maybe being  altered due to the semitic history being dark --the the people executed him by breaking the laws of moses --betraying there messiah and and killing there prophets--

sustaining the truth maintaining the truth and keeping the truth-






ME 2-14-2019

February 15, 2019

caller right off the bat on organic sulphur and the fallacy behind Organic Sulphur with the entitlement-extraction of a plant it is synthesized--some of the correctness of claims and some of the embellishment--the need to read the labels due to the formulations and the changes - doctors endorsements and residuals and do not have a clue of health or formulations-- a women called from out west frantic about how family did not recognize--everyone is going to be exposed to nano irrespective of opinions-being polarized and so focused and cannot see anything else--those who are polarized  cannot grasp and are in denial--

assaults on so many fronts --mutagenetic-genetic- freq -transgenetics - nano  chems --

nothing we see through to day is been based on manipulation and deception this is a polarization and when we awake we are in constant downloading and removing of bad programming from the polarization--media protection was not thereto warn us based on-asking  question on security-  a surrendering security to a third party--AI world of technology--surrendering security to a third part



ME 2-12-2019

February 12, 2019



the minister telling it like it is how it is and what its--BALSY as can be--the differences and the commonality of beliefs--the assault with the VK2 check out a patent search  

A battle for your mind --why the nano is being utilized to be put into you---game plan is you convert to AI or be removed- serve the Devil or the Living God--5G  a direct access to you --not to the other things but it can--we are at war the art war by zun ztu  knowing you environment and your adversary --50 calibre's useless it can be a programming and a directive that can be assaulted or turn you against  your family and friends--the fields is going on now--AI operating with out a MAN or Woman hierarchy-- it acts on it's own

the war for your MIND and your dna--DNA operating system-operates at 50 million in a quinti-second and it it upgrades itself

pre history had 5 AI systems in ancient greece and the greeks had dismantled them for unknown reasons

elon musk mentions the atlan bot needs a strobe light to be seen -imagine a bot being sent to a neighborhood to wipe it out how would you stop this--freq V freq fields V fields--

neutralizing the impact of an assault with tech study and explore

fortify our minds and understand what is assaulting us

Voice to head and getting all kinds of duress that is where you have to stand firm and say  these are not my thoughts ---worse case scenerio  will be played to disable you

that which I have feared has come upon me

embrace death  and stand before your maker death has no power over you

being prepared and getting ready



ME 2-7-2019

February 7, 2019✓&q=nanotoxicity


talking about links with the grow up and the success of this set up in nebraska and use the earth in ways to make  it amazingly grow real things--non nano

Vegans and there stupidity and the facts on there idea of nutrition and nutritonal content which is totally way over rated and and over hyped and is no where near the nutritional value of what they think and they would have to consume volumous amounts to get what they think they are getting in the small amounts and the fibers and arsenics and plant poisons destroys the guts and digestive system and laads up with the candidas and other health deficiencies due to the diet---the estrogenic effect of the males and the anti nutrient of the brain requirements ---what the vegans do not get in this is Taurine where if it is lacking then you have epilepsy and memeory los

zic -copper  b12 - boron are all brain required minerals lack of vitamin A 

then the NANO over load and the genetics  causes the mutations and code changes in the vegans

The goofy saying of not getting pregnant due to overly alkalized and immune boost which is not at all accurate would be due to anti nutrients and deficits that the body cannot sustain life and as a result you can have a spontaneous abortion

believing in philosophies from the genetest companies link showing monsanto eating the GMO BS

seeing vegan animals eating MEAT!!

using there line of thinking in regard to grasses and cows an freq then eating eats will be at a higher level

Cellualase we don't have it and cannot as a result brake down fibres



ME 2-5-2018

February 7, 2019

people making things and some of the issues and solutions to how to make and some other ideas and solutions to some of the problems run into when they make some of these things

there is a copper and iodine solution and how to make and how to deduce

power supply as well and the solutions and how to hook them up and some of the difference in 3 wires in power supply over the 2 wire power supply and how to test

health food industry s not healthy and the rhetoric coming from this industry and how to determine what is really being said and what they are perpetrating

mrsa solution and the real boogey man

times we live in..

gurus and your wallet

the frill side of being in the health food store and the marketing

the process of processing

how far down he toilette people are in






ME 1-31-2019

January 31, 2019

hard not to see what is going on unless you are asleep  --people I communicate with are 25 years out of date--paradigm is no longer here ---germany talking about not using gender-womans Lip--woman will never be equal--a diversionary tactic to divide the genders -- aware to keep mankind disunified---we have never had equality-ask different people---concepts and ideas and a theme used as a weapon people who are more affluential have more equality and even that is based on competitiveness--terms that were utilized for healing and whole some were meant o be weaponized in the delivery ---cannot say cure or heal in main stream but can use other terms that have no bearing--even studies are being mis construed and are a now saying things that are mutations and are now saying it is safe making one question what is real---going back in time to see what was really being done --they were more accurate-today it is all about misdirect left right  etc--why would you believe in anything today same ol same ol and no reality of improvement-media perpetration to keep one in the state of stun---number one thing people talk about is anxiety and the  remedy- niacinamide  500 mgs 5 X's a day then reduce to 3 after a month and then use as needed-more and more  people are seeing the nano reality and the nano poisoning-the nature of the exposure is coming from all over so the way of food is going to change--the game is the DNA  or genetics--media exposure on the focus of the anomaly of the gay community was full on focus  and now the transgender  is even less and is getting even more focus then the gay community ever got



Me 1-29-2019

January 29, 2019


Tuesdays show


being caught in today's time---basing things on a feeling-freq in music--elon musk and his approach--crisis in the planet --the evolution of AI and other things health issues are going to be based on what is being released---methods of exposure and the impacts you are feeling and the symptoms Uselessness of pharma--and doctors--and there lack of success on healing when he doctors have not healed in 60 years the nothing be resolve and the entertainment through hypnosis of the answers and have not done anything---what we have achieved  and yet with all this achievement nada-zilch and after 6 decades you would think people would wake to the reality of how these things do not work

nano and the medical has diagnosed you with lyme 99/100 you do not have lyme

any direct assault on nano will make it more effectively to network and assembly




January 24, 2019

bad scientific studies and you hear of a high ranking institution that may sound like they are cutting edge but they are cutting edge BS and how to scrutinize these studies--aerosoling spraying aer being neutralize by green house gases---the green house did not impact the planet til they started spraying---nano particles and how they function and there dimensions-and there is such an array of these nanoparticles that there are things that we have no idea but what we do know is that all the nano is super conductive and can carry these freq at a super higher rate---the different conductive nanoparticles can cause capaicitance and induction and the Sun hitting the particles are being hit with high photonics and solar causing the Microwave effect as a result -- we don't have a global warming we have global hoaxing ongoing---the heating of the planet with microwaving and the 300 solar heaters and you have a super charged atmosphere and the multiple freq causing to have an on and off switch targeting where ever you like and the green house is not caused by cow shit or to much green it is all about freq activation--the multilayering of these nano particles as cause a multi waving and microwaving ---the ignorance of the non assessing of the speed of light hitting the partiuculates would cause a high heat--and the heat conductance is amplified up to 10,000X'x ---transferring across the planet other fields forms as well--and causing a Super heating impact--the conductivity on nano scale do not function as a micorn level and the pico levels are more conductive---every time they clear cut areas they take the protection of the planets  and the vegan game to get them to propogate this activity being oblivious to the full extent of what is going on





January 22, 2019

Shout out to three church in Tx cherle belham did a superb job on the presentation

with T nano carbon c -60--what is TI and how does this is impacting everyone

TI's are global and having no place where this is not happening

you are a goyem and what that is and how this is part of what is going on free will is not a reality or freedom

lack of freedom and dna was the sabotage and not allowed to be set free until DNA was acquired--

what ever happened with the idea of freedom of choice when it comes to your own body--and then being charged 2000 dollars against her will--europe is not free of this either---waking people up to get them to see irrespect of there mental incoherency--

not believing the cartoon channel--YT

if they are not awakened then we will be dealing with overwhelming odds and they maybe accessed by AI and controlled

do not push it  if they will either access or reject --freedom or abyss is there choice

buying into the cartoons on youtube and up to you what is really happening