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 Tonys Show 01242020

 Tonys Show 01242020

January 25, 2020

 Tonys Show 01242020


Videos that are alternative to the alternatives  alternative to the alternatives

 DIY for protection and  health

 Bryan 396 data and research on nanobiotech

 Bryan 396 vids on assembly

 Aroy mak displaying YTs

 Australia carbon releasing

 engineers find ways to remove diseases by magnets---wonder where they got that idea from

 Snakes not the cause of carnovirus

 living near major roads linked to all forms of brain damage

 Jinns demon technology quantum chips computer chips and brain implants

 lead up take from plants from solar cells

 AI and DNA integration


DNA edit Malware

 Interaction of nanoparticles with edible plants


 connect the dots see whats going on and see how technocracy is racing to assimilate the planet


Tonys show 01212020

Tonys show 01212020

January 22, 2020

Tonys show 01212020


DIY vds on health and protection

 The Alternative to the alternatives

 Herbsplusbeaworks the altrnative to the alternatives Vids

 Bryan 396 data and research on NanoBioTech

 Bryan396 vids on nano assembly

 Aroy Mak activist activating

 Aroy mak  -Attack on Mankind

 Herbalist forum

 NANO In cattle and poultry production$002faoas$002f18$002f2$002farticle-p319.xml

 Low dose ionizing radiation strongly stimulates insertional mutagenesis in a γH2AX dependent manner

 Australia ---the experiment 

 Exposure to Nanomaterials in plants

 1 trillion frames a sec

 Self assembly Microtubules developed


 Storing Data in everyday objects using DNA


 Regulation of Cell Uptake and Cytotoxicity by Nanoparticle Core under the Controlled Shape, Size, and Surface Chemistries

 Programming Novel nanomaterials


 Near-field coupling of a levitated nanoparticle to a photonic crystal cavity


 first programmable carbon nanotube Chip






Tonys Show 01182020

Tonys Show 01182020

January 19, 2020

  Tonys show 01182020


DIY on making your place and you safe the alternative to the alternatives

 Vids to the alternative to the alternatives

 Pods n what is going on and current status of the assaults on mankind

 Byran 396 data and research on nanobiotech assaults

 Bryan396 nanoassembly videos

 Aroy Mak --activist presentation of where we are

 Aroy Mak----Attack on mankind and what you can do

 Another site put up by a concerened Herbalist

 Dementia Shoes ---homing devices ===another freq take over

 Verification or more verification on SOY is nothing but _@#$%^&

 Engineered designer Virus perhaps

 UN scientist admits to vaccines are dangerious

 Surveillance with out a tower

 AI can see you around corners

 NANO patterns and structures

 Bottled water company admits to putting arsenic in drinking water

 AI designing xenobots

 Propaganda to emotionalize machines

 Mechanism of genotoxicty of nanomaterials

 Vaccination indoctrination and the BS on safety in canada



Tonys  Show 01152020

Tonys Show 01152020

January 16, 2020


Tonys  Show 01152020


Alternative to the alternatives

 Vids on alternatives to the alternatives

 DIY on protecting against Freq and assaults

 Yannis Site  on assault of mankind

 Aroy Mak YT --activist

 Bryan396 research and data on nanobiotech

 Bryan 396 Photo Gallery

 Tech companies doing the most harm

 living robots from frog Stem cells

 Toxicology aspects of nano materials used in energy harvesting consumable products

 20billion nano particles talk to the brain through electricity

 Male T levels in USA are dropping drastically

 Robot restaurants out of business in SF

 Medications that alter us

 Human Protein DNA in vaccines

 Ultrasound can make 3d  structures stronger

 Pampers notifies Cell phones when diaper is full

 Xenobots -Artificial Life Xenobots" take their name and stem cells from the African clawed frog (Xenopus laevis). They can regenerate and are entirely biodegradable when they die. Killing them is not easy though: unlike traditional materials, the robots can be sliced almost in half and will fix themselves back to their normal form


 the summation of assimilation and activations utilizations f nano to xenobot to AI and Freq



Tony s Show 01132020

Tony s Show 01132020

January 13, 2020

Tony s Show 01132020

 Alternatives to the Alternative

 DIY for protection and health

 Vids of Alternative to the Alternatives

 Bryan 396 vids on NanoBioTech

 Bryan 396 data and Research on NanoBioTech

 Aroy Mak  Activist Activating


 AI learns Quantum Mechanics

 The DNA Damaging Potential of engineered nanotmaterials

 Genotoxic Nanoparticles Potential of engineered Nano particles in environment

 Weather War and Energy weaponary on Australia

 Hikikomori  a BS  malady

 Thallium Poisoning

 Antidote to Thallium  Blue Prussian

 Nanoparticles communicate with the brain with electricity

   Another day in Paradise where everything in this shit hole is a bzzarro world where truth and justice is  fiction and the deceptions and manipulations are the rule of the day


Tonys Show 01112020

Tonys Show 01112020

January 11, 2020


Tonys Show 01112020


Podbean Podcast

 Altenative to the Alternatives

 Video Alternatives to the Alternatives

 DIY for securing ones health

 Bryan 396 data and research on nano bio tech

 Bryan396 videos on nanoimpact and release

 Aroy Mak actively revealing the truth


 NanoMaterials and Neurodegeneration

 Tiny Pharma Contaminants in the environment

 Carbon Nanotube toxicology

 Adverse Effects of  engineered Nano materials

 NANO Antennae of Data transfer

 Brake pollution and DNA




Tonys Show 01092020

Tonys Show 01092020

January 9, 2020


Tonys Show 01092020

 Vids on alternatives to the alternative

 Alternative to the alternative  website

 DIY protection and other helps

 Bryan396 data and research on nano bio

 Bryan 396 Photo gallery on nano poisoning

 Aroy Mak an activist activating the truth

 Particle Size of Vaping

 Sabotaged Honey with glyphosates

 Lethal Autonomous weapon system

 Vaping Emissions

 AI reading emotions

 Oxidative and Molecular inter actions on MWCNT

 Millenials have worse health then Gen X

 Glyphosates found in air and rain samples







Tonys Show 01062020 or 01-06-2020

Tonys Show 01062020 or 01-06-2020

January 6, 2020

Tonys Show 01062020 or 01-06-2020


DIY for Self Defence  

Visual Altenative of the Altenatives  

Aroy Mak Activist Activating

 Bryan 396 visuals on research on nanobio infections

 Bryan 396 Data and Research on nanobiotech

 AI doing Dental

 Persecution USING AI  tech in china

 Manipulations and Machinations to perpetuate an economy based on war

 Sperm quality and diet ---is there a connection

 3 Suns and they are diamond shape with a circle around the centre

 New Religion -Veganism

 Autonomy in weapons SYSTEM

 Killer Robots --

 LAWS-Lethal Autonomous Weapons SYSTEM

 this may assist some of you --alot have asked if there are support places here is a list but either way validate and substantiate to make sure you are not getting your self into a cult

One --A cult will profess it has a truth or the truth and no one else has or they have been Given some kind of ordained power from God to keep everyone  trapped

2 they will require from you commitment and submission to them a a authority and will proceed to take over your thought processes and your autonomy --making you think that this dedication is to God or an ideal but it is a surrendering of your freedom and will to the institution

 3 a surrendering of your total assets and economics to serve a greater good again a manipulation to keep you contained and destituted so they can have full control and as a means of a take over  of your mind to get you to prove oneself in a committing of an act to validate loyality

some thing to look out for so one does not get entrapped by BS and controls that will further endanger oneself


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Tony s Show 01 04 2020

Tony s Show 01 04 2020

January 4, 2020

Tonys Show 01 04 2020

 Bitchute DIY

 Video Alternative to the alternatives

 Alternatives to the alternative

 Alternatives of the alternatives on the podbean

 Bryan 396 research on nanobio tech

 Bryan396 nanoassembly vids

 Aroy Mak activley showing the truth

 2020 the big weather war fare

 AI can be evil---NO _)(* Sherlock

 Genotoxicity of short single walled and multi walled carbon nanotube

 US Govt loses land mark vaccine lawsuit

 Lawsuit --Against the USA on Vaccines illegal mandatory enforcement

 UK has the highest microplastics in the air---wonder where that came from!!!

 china ---pay attention this is coming here

 Milk prevents child obesity  and they say it is bad for you ---wonder who says this!!!

 another reason why nanosilver is not good for you

 Several types of NANO materials in Vaccines


 Starting of we are stlll here and the need to pay attention and see the deliberate exercise in dramatization and how a war starts when the economics start to dip---the focus n the planet and how things are managed for war when this occurs how you should consider what to have on hand just in case things change--The beating of Jesus---departing from evil make oneself a prey

way way way way way more



January 1, 2020

Tonys Show 12-31-2019

 Visual Alternatives to the Alternatives

 Hands On to R & D to Healing and Protection

 Alternative to the Alternatives 

Bryan396 data and research on nanobiotech

 Bryan 396 Photo Gallery on Nano assimilation and take over

 Aroy Mak an Active activist Exposing and Revealing information  -The days we are living in and getting prepared

 Multigenerational exposure to silver nanoparticles---the consepquence will be felt for many generations

 Youtube red pill dropping

 Another warning of BABY AI

 Jay Tuck with more info on BABY AI

 License Weaponary against the citizens of America by Pharmacorp

 Imagine that a test  run to drop chemicals from the sky!!!

 The matrix red dress scene---what did you see

 NANO stops DNA replication


AI-China- NANO -chemtrails--terms and freedoms--Orwell 1984 alive and well in china coming to a corporation called america and canada