The independz’s Podcast

ME 21-2019

March 21, 2019

 interuptions in a activist life Australia already up and running on 5 g and it penetrating through the wiring-ozzies and kiwis no one pays attention due to isoalation just like the reserves in NA shit happens and no one is aware---getting to NA and having the heads up to get prepared--being aware that alot of the rurural areas are not all they are cracked up to be the tech being utilized with voice to skull and other places with different tech testing the common wealth countries are the common wealth test subjects --and need to get up on this as well understandng shielding and impact of these freq--pay attention t o foods you are consuming especially the health food stores becareful of what you buy and look at how your environment effects you and especially with the foods or any intake can impact you as well when consuming things that can impact your access with the nano of the foods and in the foods consuming of saturate fats--use things to assist in the uptake of the fats that do not cause you issues

vitamins to assist in assimilating the fats-- b5-lipase-l carnitine sunflower lecithin- bile salts ---do not fall for any hype

of things sold when you are exposed to multiple freq that can be activatation with the nano--dealing with a progarmmable  nano materials and metals accessing specific ares in the brain and the rest is accessed and network with freq