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ME 3-27-2019

March 27, 2019

access to canadian company on shielding


A and E on tio2

hydrogen on collection by C-60



Pics of nano

 stupidity in Govt

Putin defends Christian


mental stimulation and keeping everyone alive another day

some one passed a person in the chatroom



 gall bladder acting up and solutions-using specific supplements as well

the different perspective of conciousness and the foolishness of this when dealing with something like nano poisoning is ongoing due to the fact people with this have no facts--being positive investigating and making changes  are what is needed--conciousness is not going to do it--reality checks are going to come hard to different concepts in what eve faith or belief or what ever  Belief in a Living God---everyone is being targetted just a matter of time--god gene vaccine  and initially who it was going to be targetted but the biggest are the christians--but all faiths or belief systems are being assaulted--the fallacy of being with God is all A MYTH if one thinks nothing is going happen negatively

Job got popped Paul got popped and they hung Jesus----the illusions of faith and the fallacies and theories and presumptions are going to be shredded---what we have all been seduced to is going to be shaken loose--the wake up call--all are being exploited--3 strand dna --adding silica in vaccines allows to be taken over and be subjected to whoever is in charge and the program and the propagation of of silica and the brain break down---one thing they give away free --flu shot what is in them---assaulting the senior citizen with useless vaccines and the lack of effective --programming them out of there wealth--- can vegans be restored mentally---All things are possible to who believes but it will take time-- MORE!!