The independz’s Podcast

ME 3-28-2019

March 29, 2019



links on new developments on 396 doing upgrades and showing more on nano pics from spain and the wix sites--so to give clarity on morg and nanopoisoning

the american dream is a nightmare no more rights for parents --swat team invades a parents home because a disagreement with a doctor and they send a swat team???? incompetence on the nth degree in regard to the medical ---the agenda is to see where and how far they can go by violation--Medical implementing sorcery through pharmacopia and about possession people and there offspring --marches should be on there way to the authorities-- taking the access to your own family feds and states think they own the people but it is the other way around---anyway you support the system  you own the govt not the other way around --when you purchase anything you are now the owner -the usa is in violation of violating peoples rights in the regard to vaccinations--they don work they do nothing--pharma making money of the govt--is it about possession of your dna total violation---child  is normal and they send a swat team---american gov't is afraid of the people if they have to send a swat team to deal with a parent ---they must be terrified of the people--sending a swat team ---are you that afraid of the people---people should be armed to the hilt--unreasonable force---see how far the freq have affected the people --free vaccines adding silica to make people more conducive to whatever is being down--apathy in the highest end