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ME 4-11-2019

April 11, 2019


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Bryan 396 and My Key NanoTech Discoveries

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got a call and made me do some thinking...talking about fear afraid anxiety --and get caught up on all of these things--we forget--w are all going to die one day -- what has this got to do with health  everything or nothing--we all face different forms of insanity in life-what ever you have or don't have it in this life it all comes to an end---being immortal-christ gives us this in his kingdom---going to reference a well as if everyone believes in christ--all of us have bee inflicted afflicted or infected with nano bio tech or synthetic bio-all of us have been exposed  to some genetically engineered foods--- all of us has been as well exposed to RF of some kind-these 3 dynamic things in this existence are not really alive but are slaves or experiments---some are more activated-with the exposure to these 3 things the bio tech assault the dna disruptors- some are feeling the wrath of the experiment--some not so don't worry it will hit you---they did not leave you out---the culprits behind these experiments did not leave any stone unturned--some of you have felt the voice o skull some bodily breakdown some health break down--skin assualts pain  body on fire---mental overwhelming-emotionally over loaded mental dysfunctions---the nature of the experiment--the experiment of mankind-- in this crap hole--in the moment w leave this crap hole and give an account while we are down here ---save us is Jesus---the mercy of the king of kings saved a thief who was dying with him--space of time to be seperated from the chaff--

getting the right perspective---embracing death is when you come alive---