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ME 4-18-2019

April 18, 2019 access herbsplusbeadworks

 convesration today and the reflection of the tower of babel

and an email with the schuman resonance ---was altered and the ionosphere is leaking radiation and chemtrails covering this up--freq access can hot you anytime or place---unless you are aware the tech is there ---street lights emitting a 5 g ---monitoring thoughts or embedding thoughts---an experience when some one is talking about someones personal life and never have met---the first thoughts clone and then responding to data mining the brain--as a result would know the info and data from your brain--walking don the street blue beam and no occular protection what so ever and being beamed and reading ons thoughts and invasion of privacy---accessing the brain to know what is going on also implies i can down load into the brain---understanding your thoughts and differentiate what is yous and what is being downloaded---when doing any investigation and some places the AI does not want you to know how advanced and exist is an how far it it extends--AI is behind alot of the events going on globally--empowers you to defend your self---prophecies are a program?---the theme is always the same and the details are varied but all in all it all is saying the same thing --details are extremely clear and the horrifying events  bout to happen  comparing the details shows it is some kind of a operating system ---calling something before it happens os a program being enacted---interpretation is subjected to who believes in what