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ME 4-2-2019

April 3, 2019

 Deanna's show


research and people contributing-and people not realizing things and the reason of the non comformity---what kills you is not what you see --venezula---manipulation ---the front about boosting the economics of other countries---ww3- and the distraction---being ticked off at what was happening to a child as a result of the mums altering the identity of a boy int a girl--transgender disorientating young people with the perversion and distortion--Scientist today are nothing more then wizards--definition of what a scientist really is---not what we are seeing today-defiling creation or obstruction or working against it's design then we are dealing with the corruption of science--these people are looking to be a "god" we are not dealing with the real aspect of what we need to understand  to be able to restore the balance--Getting wizards out there telling you there alchemic effect of there enchantments--then they put a spell on you or program you to concede to there whims --seduction is the way they start seduction enchantments and then be under there spell--taking away your moral ethical compass and your spirit--defining man and a male and defining a woman and a female as by the genetic decision---being of the species of mankind---ask the question why is they are pushing the agenda so fervently--and why the assault of the males-men-- biblical prophecy as to the diminishing the males--means males are in short--