The independz’s Podcast

ME 4-23-2019

April 23, 2019

 overwhelmed with data and as research unfolds new and advanced developments of what is going on is getting to be revealed quicker and quicker when especially people are looking at the data of different  topics---de evaluation is happening at a exponential rate---2nd hand store and observing people all being broken and a scriptural reference about men walking like trees ---robots---people being pounded in a state of brokeness--assaults from so many sources breaking us down quicker--our rate of decay is happening while we are still alive--alchemic sciences that are being done at mankind ---we do not see the engagement we se the end results---treating ailments not people----what ever we look at or deal with we see always the end  not cause--re evaluation of what we see---as a result of programming to us since day one from various means--the inaccuracy of the facts we have or been told a facts are not the reality

everything is activated by freq and as a result the genes are being turned on--anti life equations-- the depletion we call life 

TI being turned upside down---getting back to our lives---never be able to go back to your old life---there predicament you are in is a result of the old life all this adversity we are being pulled out of the deluded state to a sober reality of what life is supposed to be