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ME 4-4 2019

April 4, 2019

anti rapture

DNA Nanotechnology: A Foundation for Programmable Nanoscale Materials

silica in your packaging

Antenna Design and RF Layout Guidelines

info on how to order and things that can make things swiftly and smoothly

customs maybe the hold up--over site so contact within the nine to 10 day if not received--goofy guru doctors--doctors and here comments and the need to be investigated do not believe---2 emails and one referring to a doctor and the other to the facts so investigate--he concepts of natural and synthesized and how the word crafting can mislead people to deceive and weave---the wizards of today are the Doctors  and the enchantments and spells and this is done in all religions and politics and medical-pharma ---the concepts or seduction enchantments and spells this is how he controls and maintaining here power over you---the methods of taking you over you are taken out---seduce you to be cozy and rosy and lazy daisy--

NY passing laws that if child is not vaccinated cannot go to school best thing could happen for the kids and eliminate the cell phone another seducer and reducer and enchantment and spell--- this is taking over the minds of everyone--tethers by gov't -religion and now tech---cell phones are trojan horses--it was given so that it could sabotage and take over--nanotechnolog-nanobiology synthetic biology and how it works by using xna ---smart tech --all trojan horses and AI gets inside your head--music of yesterday was nothing more then freq and programming--the message was being conveyed through the music or freq---how rock stars had a hold over people-seeing the performers and the checkerboard pants-indicating illuminatti involvement--bing out of the system and being shifted