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ME 4-9-2019

April 9, 2019

Sites on Nano assault on the body Chemtrails


 making a point of mailing to me get tracking numbers--for validation and access--have a realistic expectation on mails--email stunning about getting through this life and avoidance of the schemes and games of life --you are going to have to be in some sort of compromise to get through this system but there will be a time when there will be a seperation---system getting more demonic by the day--there is a jump ahead with the current system and will take this out will be difficult---the leadership will determine the fate of the country--believing in a living God or a demonic one--we have had leaders who believe in the demonics and seee where it has got us---the health of people back in the 50's and what is today are different due to the pyramid of the day was dairy and meat at the top and the grains at the bottom and with the inversion can see the results of then and now--the main dishes are  breads and cereals and as a result everyone is compromise and the Anti milk and eggs are ridiculous when these 2 foods are the highest and most effective support then the other junk being perpetrated--- BV on proteins--the determination on the uptake of proteins  egg is 93 /100 milk 92/100 and egg+ gelatin then you are 99/100-when people make the ludicrious comments on anti milk unless fermented or cheeses yogurt or kefir or other fermented dairy should be use the non fermented should not be used---and the fermented dairy should not have filles--the  lower BV rated proteins --and the actually uptake --