The independz’s Podcast

ME 7-18-2019

July 19, 2019


delayed show ---historical evidence of genetic science historically and sciences we have today was here historical---  the  truth about trumps serial brain 2 in the YT ---possible disarming activitist---politics and how I don't believe any of it --Putin and russia's mindset as a result of the environment---every time they tell us good is coming  they release something more evil with what we currently have ---stealth planes and how they are stealth--showing this in movie he tech --the beyond is about how to transfer a brain into a machine---transhuman is a military wing--entertainment and how they have these toys in the military ad  when watching the movies with the themes you can see the truth in entertainment---elon musk and hoping for a benign Ai---and expresses the danger---no real talk just chatter and no means of defence---insertion of tech into the brain and activiate the person through a AI tech---giving you things to make a new and improved you ---end result you have no control --some machine doing this for you---defiling Mans image to remove us from Gods image---thinking in a Godly way-- tech turning us into jello --offspring are now plug into the phone--- research makes my head spin--guns and bullets will be a ltd defence against this tech-- zombie access with tech and how little impact this defence is---nano interaction experiments and it was to see what the breaking point---being--you want to be healed you have to fight -- Kids are plugged into the phone---brain issues as a result of the nano assemblying inside the brain shorting out the brain--and the proteins are there as a defence mechanism--