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ME 7-25-2019

July 25, 2019

 ( ) anti aspatame


( )  baby addicted to tech


( )  Laser driven assembly


 ( )  Bio hacking brain wave surfing


( ) nanoparticles n chems


( ) controlling hirricanes


 (  RFID monitor people in there homes


 ( )  Bryan 396


( ) how employers spy on workers


( ) bacterial infections can cause parkinsons


( ) nano not morgellons


 ( ) defcon 23 the tech of the past and oday


 ( ) remote control dna by a biosenssor antennae


( ) US Military supplies brain implants


the illusion of being in control--continuation of tuesday shows and how the current events have been doing for over 40 years--- all the experiments

--brain hack --the concept of microwave hitting the brain and the concept of being hit and the brain hacking of either extracting or downloading --the different parts of the brain  and what can be extracted--memories of all sorts of different experiences so AI can learn from your experiences and study how to utilize this to control --

terror-seduction-manipulation---denial of nano denial of what is happening for over 40+ years and not wanting to believe --control is an illusion--surrendering your control for representation --your need to represent your self ---when you have violations on your personage your environment--- and you have no say you have no control--principles made to be accept is a delusion--believe in politics or religions that take away our ability to be able to have free thought you lost control the ability to say no with vaccines and be denied you have lost control--the loss of many other rights ---you lost control-- seeing the genetics of men and women violated a a result of genetics manipulation and using foods that do these things made to look esthetics causing this destruction on the endocrine system --more loss of control--taking away your moral or ethical and soul values --integrating people into machinery

transferring you into a machine ---loss of control the --believing the TV evangelicals and any other teachings of different faiths and allowing them to dictate the interpretations of these beliefs more loss f control---surrendering any kind of principle or concept of thought or not going our own way you have loss of control took with out our consent altered our food supply without contacting the consumer and expressing the dangers of loss of genetics reproduction or alterations without our consent=anyone get any kind of information n nano altering  of people no one talk to the consumer with glyphosates ---any consential agreement from the GP- we have loss control--GP worn down on the vaccine option without any proof or evidence that they even work --forecasting a new and improved flu coming in the year how does one do this with out creating his out of a lab--the brain hack of popping something in your head---where does that popping come in from