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ME 8-6-2019

August 8, 2019

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 ( ) Aroymak

 ( ) Licensing BS

 ( ) song mad world

 ( ) ANA

 ( ) watch room

 ( )  CGI reality

 ( ) Bill Gates buying out harvard

 ( )  Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030

 ( ) weather modification data

 ( ) 3 d priniting  heart of people

 ( ) bryan 396

 ( bryan

 ( ) Blue light formation of quantom dots

 ( ) nano particles synthesized by micro organisms

  ( ) connect the dots

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 ( ) elana freeland space fence

 ( ) brain manipulation with smart phones

( ) LBL Silica Assembly

 ( ) monkey human hybrid

 technical difficulties so doing the show solo--how much mythos people actually believe in and how many dimensions we are big assaulted with---what we are being hit with and what people are seeing in the past and how much error those vids -

we are peeling the onion in regard to what we were taught and accepted truisms and programs and how we were supposed to follow ---cult like programs that are believed to be an accepted facts and are nothing more then theories and influences which are not easy to let go due to the condemnations due to a proposed rebelling--or people writing there theories and sold people on a theory---he deception of going to the moon---now they can program with a cell phone and link to validate--the infiltration can be coming from just abut anywhere--don't judge by appearances ---has more then one meaning---people in the health food industry selling out and selling BS ---be aware of what people are saying and what they are implying and what is not ---a email trying to influence me with a mythos and her concept and how I put a stop to the nonsense her limitations on even understanding he own reality--ready to substitute other things then to deal with reality---dealing with the idea of Jesus and why him not some idealogies--dying for the cause has real substance then just doing an operation---demeaning truckers and how intellectual driving a truck is and not just being catered in life but living that occupation-telling it like it is --and not following programs and principles-the game f health is about program and principles and the misleading of facts---elana talk on the space fence and the connection to the fence to us ---assimilation or annhilation--no sitting on a  fence-weather modification 2030 weather warefare --bill gates cauing more issues globally ---real reason to global warming ---what has been done as corporations causing the environmental issues globally as a result of the nano poisoning of the planet---