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Tony s Show 11-28-2019

November 28, 2019


Tonys Show 11-28-2019

 Alternative to the alternatives

 Alternative with demos

 NANO DATA Bryan 396

 NANO Assembly Vids

 Aroyomak Network

 Shai Channel

 Synthetic Biology assault on Humanity    Elana Freeland

 AI  Robot experiments exceeds 100,000 in a year 

 Chemical reactions with Biologicals and nano

 Machine learning replicates architecture--integrated Bio NANO

 US police using spot bot--precursor to Robo cop

 Newspaper being recycled nanocarbon production

 No touch torture

 Self Autonomus drones

 Biopesistent fibre induced inflammation

 Carbon nanotubes Deliver biactive substances

 Galaxies Synchronizing

 Visible light and Nanoparticle catalyst produce bioactive molecules


 from the space fence -to the toroidal field around the earth- to the core of the earth not moving -to a jail break of trapped entities found in the book of enoch-to Robo cops a prototype of things to come -drones that are patrolling beyond the line of sight-no touch torture --special freq accessing and causing a great deal of persecution and suffering from all over the globe---much much more why they fed us 2 main poisons for over 5 decades 


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