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Tony show 7-30-2019

August 1, 2019

Show Links 7-30-2019

 ( )   Scientists Aim to Mimic the Power Efficiency of Human Brain with Superconducting Neurons

( )  Nomophobia: Fear of Being without Your Phone and Having Low-Battery Anxiety

( ) US military funds AI brain implants to treat veterans’ post-traumatic stress disorder

( )  Statement on emerging health and environmental issues (2018)

( ) Daytime Sleepiness May Be Result of Epigenetic Change

 ( ) Vitamins A and C Could Erase Epigenetic Marks on DNA

 ( ) Advances in epigenetics link genetics to the environment and disease

( )  DNA Methylation

 ( ) Terror Camp in Combermere, Ontario and Other Locations in Canada

 ( ) Sci-Fi Short Film "Nano" presented by DUST

 ( ) Why Marriage is a Scam - Honest Ads

  ( ) JAMES & BOBBY PURIFY - I'M YOUR PUPPET---programming men to be PW'd or puppetized--

 ( ) Nano Tech…The Evolution Of MK Ultra Mind Control.

( ) What Is the Connection Between Pedophilia and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence

 ( ) Remote control by dna  or Biosensor antennae


 ( )  "Upload:U"

( )  Nano Modifications

 ( ) Terrahertz 

 ( )  Nano Assimilation

 ( ) Nano Transformation and evolution 

 ( ) NANO Components its assemblying and impact on life 

  ( ) New billboard with info where to look for information 

( ) Quercitin

( ) New form of Genetic editing

( ) Rocky Horror Picture relating to an incdent i vancouver for transgender corruption 

( )  In-Depth Analyses Bio/Nano/Materials/Information Trends, Drivers, Barriers, and Social Implications 

( )  11 Indoor Farming Companies Taking Agriculture Indoors  )


there was some technical issues we had and we did the show via phone but technical issues again happened why the show is late but the theme of the show is to connect the dots and the mushroom principle -fed alot of shit and kept in the dark---and the suspended animation most fall into and when you see things like the rocky horror show and then see what is transpiring in British Columbia when a transgender walks into a place to get his balls waxed and the proprieter refuses the insanity that prevails in this ongoing dram and you see the roots of this back in that film or the Sci fi telling you the truth about a kill switch using nano technology called nano follow the dots here and see where this is right now not where it is leading but rather where it is --the concepts and themes today on how being brain hacked and being brain controlled via freq and via your phone and how much this is taken over and how endocrine disruption can be coming from the vaccines them selves disorientating the very core of sexual identity and how frequencies can be also programming this natural behaviour and how less then 1% of a populace with the sexual disorientation is getting 99% of the attention and perhaps it is time the majority of people tell the existing gov'ts we have had enough of there programming--much much more