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Tonys Show 12 10-2019

December 10, 2019

Tonys Show 12-10-2019


Vds with the alternative to the alteratives


Alternative site to the slternatives


Bryan 396 data in nano biotech


Nano assembly Vids


Aroymak channel on perspectives and research on health


DAARPAS warning on engineres making autonomous weapons


In the age of AI


Corals meals with plastics


Fighting against alzheimers  with ketones ( fat)


Computer chips made out of brain cells


Brain cells and neurons on a chip


AI surveillance --growing globally


The power of an AI chip


 Visitors pop by and the different discussions on different things that are currently happening---AI Age the new realm of Unreality controlling reality---the health food industry jumping into he realms of nano pico and quantum the toxicity of c 60 integration in the cells and dna ---the bigger he crowd he easier to sell  and convince since you are dealing on a mob mentality-the political is such a toxicity and corruption but is in power based on the mob mentality--how the deception works---new age is bonk---light workers identical as the TV evangelicals there format is identical but the terminology is different but he health food industry is also applying the same concepts --the emotional tsunami that can take you over






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