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Tonys Show 12-21-2019

December 21, 2019


Tonys Show 12-21-2019  the alternative to the alternatives

 Bitchute Vids more  things to show

 Herbsplusbeadworks--the Vids that may revolutionize your way of thinking

 Bryan 396 data discoveries on nano bio nano tech nano infections

 Bryan 396 nano Assembly photos and Vids

 Aroy Mak

 Tech coming to a country you're in

 Engineered Nanoparticles ( ENP)--the implications of there lethality will astound you--

 India leads the world in air pollution

 China's artificial Sun

 A whole new twist on Super bugs--future weapons for the ignorant

 Neurol Dust Brain machine interface

 Quantum Dot ID for vaccinations

 An Alternative Energy Source--Salt

 AI lawsuit-AI weaponized --Nothing new  but wait til you see the extent

 NanoSilver causes Liver damage

 Ultrafine( NANO) particles direct connection to Alzheimers

 Gold nanoparticles can remotely control the brain

 Carbon foot print---food and food wasting ---not meat but carbs


multi verse show hitting on a variety of issues and alerts to get one ready and uplifted and encouraged--Life is a bitch and a pia most times but with all that is transpiring with the distractions and delusions trying to constantly keep is from having a reality check t is important you associate with like minded people draw your strength and hope from God and each other in the end it is all we really have and ever had but the distractions of life have caused us to lose site of this--there is a war against humanity playing itself out as we live  ---this is something to never lose sight of -things will make more sense of this as you prevail and pierce the deceptions--which in turn will give one a sense of urgency in the need to prepare

enjoy the show 


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