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Tonys show 510021

May 10, 2021

Tonys show 510021 alternative to the alternatives             

 DIY health and protection against Freq

 Vids on Alternatives to the alternatives

Consultation link  

ANTHONYPANTALLERESCO  discount code for Pure bulk If customers make purchase via this affiliate link, the discount code ANTHONYPANTALLERESCO will be automatically applied  blog by aroy mak                                   

The bermuda "Triangle" --Yannis Tutorial

Three Heart Church Freq and Nano--   or

Three Hearts Church Site access the services are there as well

Katherine Anne  Jumpers

Kathrine Anne Capacitors

InterView with Ty @ Enerchi wellness

Bryan 396 nano Photo gallery

 Bryan 396 Data and research on nanobiotech

Bryan 396 nano tech researcher Patreon

 Aroy Maks Channel and information on health and current events and

Yannis interview with shaui  blog by aroy mak

Fiona for Health

Fiona for Health Interview  or

Deanna Spingola  speaks Interview

Interview with librti

Do you see what I see?can you dig it---fullerene assault this is designed to integrated and cause a  great deal of suffering

Online malware search

A Minister in AB is being treated like a prisoner for having Church service~ what is wrong with AB ?? and why is that dictator still being allowed to be in ofc!??

So shall Babylon the great city be thrown down with violence,
    and shall be found no more;
22 and the sound of harpers and minstrels, of flute players and trumpeters,
    shall be heard in thee no more;
and a craftsman of any craft
    shall be found in thee no more;
and the sound of the millstone
    shall be heard in thee no more;
23 and the light of a lamp
    shall shine in thee no more;
and the voice of bridegroom and bride
    shall be heard in thee no more;
for thy merchants were the great men of the earth,
    and all nations were deceived by thy sorcery.
24 And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints,
    and of all who have been slain on earth.”

Palm Scanner ( scammer) you re the currency  we scan -pan and then flim flan --

Are you ready for the Beast coming to a despotic country you live in ---your rights are about to be totally lost and your privileges are going to be nothing but a memory ---and those of us who will remember the good ol days when you had a stash of cash ---that will be just that a memory

Imagine your Brain being manipulated by a Genetically engineered Magnetic Protein and imagine that can be done from a distance---and imagine that now you can be subverted to comply wih the govts\

Anti Mask Utah school board quits and new board members  take over and drop the mask YAYAY for utah

Look is it the moon you re seeing or is it a hologram

Jacques Attali "predicted" 2020 in 1981. 2014 He said WW3 will start in Ukraine.

Jacques Attali is a jewish Freemason, Bilderberger.

This is what Jacques Attali wrote in 1981, who was then an advisor to François Mitterrand: “The future will be about finding a way to reduce the population. We start with the old, because as soon as they exceed 60-65 years, people live longer than they produce and that costs society dearly. Then the weak, then the useless that do not help society because there will always be more of them, and above all, ultimately, the stupid. Euthanasia targeting these groups; Euthanasia will have to be an essential tool in our future societies, in all cases. Of course we will not be able to execute people or build camps. We get rid of them by making them believe that it is for their own good. Overpopulation, and mostly useless, is something that is too costly economically. Socially, too, it is much better when the human machine comes to an abrupt standstill than when it gradually deteriorates. Neither will we be able to test millions upon millions of people for their intelligence, you bet that! We will find or cause something a pandemic targeting certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus affecting the old or the fat, it doesn't matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and stupid will believe in it and seek treatment. We will have made sure that treatment is in place, treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots then takes care of itself: You go to the slaughter by yourself. " [The future of life - Jacques Attali, 1981] Interviews with Michel Salomon, Les Visages de l’avenir collection, éditions Seghers. "...

In 2014 He said WW3 will start in Ukraine

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