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Tonys show 6112022

June 12, 2022

Tonys show 6112022


 alternative to the alternatives

 DIY health and protection against Freq

 Vids on Alternatives to the alternatives

Consultation link  

ANTHONYPANTALLERESCO  discount code for Pure bulk If customers make purchase via this affiliate link, the discount code ANTHONYPANTALLERESCO will be automatically applied

The bermuda "Triangle" --Yannis Tutorial

Three Heart Church Freq and Nano--   or

Three Hearts Church Site access the services are there as well

InterView with Ty @ Enerchi wellness

Bryan 396 nano Photo

 Bryan 396 Data and research on nanobiotech

Ahava –Shaui

 Aroy Maks Channel and information on health and current events and

Yannis interview with shaui

  blog by aroy mak

Fiona for Health 

Fiona for Health Interview  or

Katherine Anne  Jumpers

Katherine Anne Capacitors

 Laura and the inside look on money politics Families corruption

 God is our [b]hope and strength, and help in [c]troubles, ready to be foundTherefore will not we [d]fear, though the earth be moved, and though the mountains fall into the midst of the sea, Though the waters thereof [e]rage and be troubled, and the mountains shake at the surges of the same. SelahYet there is a [f]River, whose stream shall make glad the City of God: even the Sanctuary of the Tabernacles of the most High. God is in the midst of it: therefore shall it not be moved: God shall help it [g]very early. When the nations raged, and the kingdoms were moved, God [h]thundered, and the earth melted. The Lord of hosts is [i]with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah. Come and behold the works of the Lord, [j]what desolations he hath made in the earthHe maketh wars to cease unto the ends of the world, he breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear, and burneth the chariots with fire10 Be [k]still and know that I am God, I will be exalted among the heathen, and I will be exalted in the earth. 11 The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.


Who owns the land and resources in the usa---what guarantee do the American culture has to be priotized---and who do the politicians make policy for

 Nuke map and what could happen

 Radiation network---where do you live---and how tenous can it be if one explodes

 Real time radiation map

  Chart explaining radiation danger

 Another activist saying what I have said

Black mold in the brain orrrrrrrrr Black carbon accumulation

Normal Sky in the UK

Imagine that---if you were of the ones who trusted in injecting a biioweapon and your arm all of a sudden went cancerous and burnt from the tech  or







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