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Tony’s show 7-21-2019

July 21, 2019

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the concepts of deceptions and things in regard to disinfo

being old about salvation from chemtrails and the disarming acivist so they go light rr resign feeling they have done --relaxing there guard what they did and yet the illusion of this is not being explored or investigated and or criticiized--and exploring if this gimatra actually means what the code is being expressed--exploring chemtrails 60 years of chemming by industry and military and no one now knowing what is up in the skies and what new elements are there that are not listed in the periodic table--and then saying they have a way to neutralize is not accurate-- beware of sights like this who do not have anything but supposition and the end where there w a prayer --again to disarm believes into thinking this is legit due to a dramatization rather then a investigation--elon musk thegreat illusinist and hijack with tech to entrap people with the illusion of tech support to the biology and the dangers not being expressed by him---defcon talks about this integration in great lenghts and this idea was already worked on since the 40's and now they need to test there tech and experiment and elon is the propagator of the show to enlist people to be interfaced and integrated to an AI system---the flip flopping of Elon stating that AI is the most dangerous thing we ever faced I agree and ye is hoping for a benign AI --since when do machines develop compassion and tolerance---it is an algorithim and operating system without those concepts that differentiate us fro machines sooo again more theatrics--- spiderman you can se a form of stealth tech with the planes that jay tuck speaks about in AI is killing us and the beyond can see how turning man and women into a more stronger and enhanced being though transhuman --integrating a transfer of man into a machine--would make a man a permanent slave under the sabotage of being integrated permanently into tech---bright is showing what appears to be a mystical vid but in reality is showing that the magic is science and when uttering the words with the device is an actual activation of a program for the device to operate in