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Tony’s show 8-3-2019

August 3, 2019

( )  "Upload:U"

( )  Nano Modifications

 ( ) Terrahertz 

 ( )  Nano Assimilation

 ( ) Nano Transformation and evolution 

 ( ) NANO Components its assemblying and impact on life 

  ( ) New billboard with info where to look for information 

( ) Quercitin

( ) New form of Genetic editing

( ) Rocky Horror Picture relating to an incdent i vancouver for transgender corruption 

( )  In-Depth Analyses Bio/Nano/Materials/Information Trends, Drivers, Barriers, and Social Implications 

( )  11 Indoor Farming Companies Taking Agriculture Indoors  ) ) ) ) interpret this correctly as a kill switch    weather control through nano tech

 Re  capping the show and talking about some of the events and happenings with regard to being assaulted with nanobiotech --we are in a war and community is how we are going to thrive----not wasting your financial support on useless distractions-- A Toronto caller called and we talked about baths and what you need as a result recap this as well 1/ 4 cup f borax baking soda epsom salt and TSP and allow your self to be able to soak in this bath solution to eliminate any build up of any daily exposure to get the salts to the cells to flush out the particulates as a result you can  then lighten the loading and assist in maintaining health and strenght--remember that the nano particles are a dense metallic load highly concentrated and dense in the loading of cells and tissues  and will activate the assembly--being bamboozled and conditioned of he health food industry and not think about what is really happening ---macadamia nuts the size of peanuts not normal size indicating shortages-do not assume anything of content ---weaponized form of foods----making your own bread and thinking it is safe!!---sci fi clues on the rel reality