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Tonys show 9132021

September 13, 2021

Tonys show 9132021 alternative to the alternatives             

 DIY health and protection against Freq

 Vids on Alternatives to the alternatives

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ANTHONYPANTALLERESCO  discount code for Pure bulk If customers make purchase via this affiliate link, the discount code ANTHONYPANTALLERESCO will be automatically applied  blog by aroy mak                                     

The bermuda "Triangle" --Yannis Tutorial

Three Heart Church Freq and Nano--   or

Three Hearts Church Site access the services are there as well

InterView with Ty @ Enerchi wellness

Bryan 396 nano Photo gallery

 Bryan 396 Data and research on nanobiotech

Bryan 396 nano tech researcher Patreon

 Aroy Maks Channel and information on health and current events and

Yannis interview with shaui  blog by aroy mak

Fiona for Health

Fiona for Health Interview  or

Katherine Anne  Jumpers

 Katherine Anne Capacitors

Deanna Spingola  speaks Interview

Interview with librti

Nigeria s turn to be violated

Advertising  sites for those who are looking to market  you re skills after you leave your positions due to the discriminating by the drug companies

Can you tell – now with the face mask it will eventually become so much a part  of peoples identity they will never take it off

We demonstrate theoretically the existence of unidirectional surface plasmons in the nonreciprocal graphene-based gyrotropic interfaces. We show that a unidirectional frequency range is raised under a static external magnetic field where only one propagating direction is allowed for the surface plasmons mode. By efficiently controlling the chemical potential of graphene, the unidirectional working frequency can be continuously tunable from THz to near-infrared and even visible. Particularly, the unidirectional frequency bandwidth can be 1– 2 orders of magnitude larger than that in metal under the same magnetic field, which arises from the superiority of extremely small effective electron mass in graphene. Based on our theoretical analysis, two tunable graphene-based directional devices are proposed, showing the appealing properties of nonreciprocal graphene in the nonreciprocal optical devices design.

Modulating Sub-THz Radiation with Current in Superconducting Metamaterial/

In recent years, multifunctional nanoparticles (NPs) consisting of either metal (e.g. Au), or magnetic NP (e.g. iron oxide) with other fluorescent components such as quantum dots (QDs) or organic dyes have been emerging as versatile candidate systems for cancer diagnosis, therapy, and macromolecule delivery such as micro ribonucleic acid (microRNA). This review intends to highlight the recent advances in the synthesis and application of multifunctional NPs (mainly iron oxide) in theranostics, an area used to combine therapeutics and diagnostics. The recent applications of NPs in miRNA delivery are also reviewed.


Matrix Resurection



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